News Festival Lent 2013 News Festival Lent 2013 en News Festival Lent 2013 News Festival Lent 2013 TYPO3 - get.content.right Sat, 06 Jul 2013 17:41:00 +0200 Lent in numbers Once again, the festival giant included hundreds of hard-working employees of all ages that had... over 500 performances and a total of almost 1,000 different events, visited by over half a million people. More than 58 venues hosted over 10,000 performers from 37 different countries. This year, the staff included 687 employees and 81 technicians that made sure everything was well organized. Lets not forget the security guards that made Maribor's largest festival a safe place. This year, their staff included 48 students and 35 security guards.  The success of the festival is connected to the broad media coverage by home and foreign media that aired the latest festival news on television, radio, internet and newspapers and thus provided the visitors with up-to-date information. this year, this was carried out by 234 journalists of 86 media from 7 different countries. During the festival, there were 1032 posts connected to the festival.  With such a large number of participants, the happiness and a sense of pride is that much bigger when the festival is successful. Therefore, the last day of the festival was not only a big night for the visitors, but also fort he organizers, who celebrated the end of a successful festival and the beginning of summer. See you next year: 20.6. - 5.7.2014!]]> News Sat, 06 Jul 2013 17:41:00 +0200 »Thanks for the sparkle, Maribor!« Triestine Partisan Choir Pinko Tomažič captivating the Main stage with a more than two-hours-long... Darinko, with enthusiasm after the third encore.  The visitors and performers were especially touched by the connection between the tradition of the choir and the current revolts in Maribor. The city was paid tribute by conductress Pia Cah, who addressed the high unemployment rate and the need for the working people to connect, and the guest of the choir, rapper Darko Nikolovski, who started his performance with a thank you: “Thanks for the sparkle, Maribor!” “Maribor is the centre of anti-fascism in Slovenia, a city of revolts and energy for all citizens,” explained Nikolovski and added that this was why he loved performing with such a good choir at such a venue in a revolting city. “Fascism is on the rise again and this is why we should never forget the values of the anti-fascist fight. This is why I decided to perform with the choir and I have to say that we get along very well. There are only good people in it and I am proud to be on stage with them,” he concluded. In 2012, the choir was celebrating its 40th anniversary after it was established by ex-Partisans in 1972 in Bazovica near Trieste (Italy). The main mission of the choir is delivering the tradition of NOB (National Liberation War) and the resistance movement, preserving Partisan songs and delivering the ideals of peace, brotherhood and equality between nations.  ]]> News Sat, 06 Jul 2013 16:45:00 +0200 Uriah Heep shaking the Central stage The English cult band enthralling old and young rock fans Uriah Heep, which brought the sound of the cult era of British hard rock to Maribor. Despite their age, the band members were sovereignly playing a broad collection of their greatest hits from over forty years of their musical career and the audience loyally returned the energy by singing, jumping and screaming with enthusiasm. The seats in the front rows were removed for the most devoted fans who were encouraging the rockers to go for it.  The visitors on the grandstands jumped up during many songs as well and let themselves go during the tearing sounds of the electric guitar. The peak of the concert was definitely the song Lady in Black during which all visitors were singing the chorus, sometimes even drowning out singer Bernie Shaw and bringing a big smile to the face of the only original band member – guitarist Mick Box. He proved once again that a real rocker at heart never grows old and always performs with ease and vigour. The band’s repertoire of old classics and later songs apparently hit the bull’s eye and summed up the rich discography of the band that, despite its wild history, still performs with a lot of love. We prepared a short video of the event for you. Go ahead and enjoy! ]]> News Fri, 05 Jul 2013 16:19:00 +0200 Culinary closing of (Slado)Lent After the unrepeatable ten days of the best street food festival in Slovenia, the last couple of... Janez Bratovž, David Vračko, Tomaž Kavčič and Bine Volčič, and also a number of less known chefs who proudly (and successfully) represented the best restaurants from all over Slovenia.   Each chef tackles this kind of challenge in his/her own way. Some cook with seasonal food, some focus on a geographical region, and others take everyday dishes and turn them into something completely different. "We started with a wish to play with the concept of street food – the main course was a slice of pizza or, how we call it, “Pizza Cut” that is cut with scissors into small, tasty slices suitable for the ambient of the Festival. And for dessert we offered a “no milk shake”, a refreshing milky drink without milk, but with a lot of fresh fruit,” explained Igor Peresson from restaurant Etna from Divača during his the first time on Sladolent.  Ksenija Mahorčič (Restaurant Mahorčič), a more experienced “performer” on Sladolent used the festival atmosphere a bit different: “On Sladolent we try to improve the quality of street food and take the daily street food onto a new level. Personally, I focus on the presentation of the region when choosing the ingredients and dishes – in my case this is Karst and my approach is adjusted to this region.” The gourmets were offered a unique Chicken in corn and an herbal Schmarrn with ice cream made of Karstic goat milk, honey and elder. And how about the feedback? "Each year we get to know more new faces and this year the visitors are interested in the individual ingredients, preparation and recipes. We - the cooks - have always tried to make the people aware of what they are eating, where it is coming from and how it is prepared and this is why I am very happy about this kind of reactions.” Like the whole festival, Sladolent will soon be closing its tents for this year and is kindly inviting everyone who has not yet tasted its delicacies (and, of course, those who have and are gladly returning) to come and do so during the last evenings of culinary delights. Today one of the best Slovenian female chefs, Ana Roš, is taking over and offering a creative combination of "Mychicken" and "Pizza&Bear", and she will be accompanied with Damjan Fink from Gostilna na gradu from Ljubljana and Marko Pavčnik, chef at the Tabor castle close to Laško. You are very welcome to try the culinary side of the biggest festival in Maribor. ]]> News Wed, 03 Jul 2013 13:55:00 +0200 Folklore at its highest level After the successfully completed folklore program of this year’s Lent Festival the pleased... th anniversary which proves the quality and long-term oriented development of folklore culture in Slovenia, but because of the laurels the Lent Festival gained with hard work and long-time experience. The International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk arts – CIOFF is regularly assessing the quality of folklore events. For the first time in history CIOFF awarded the Lent festival with the highest possible grade and officially affirmed that the folklore program of the Lent Festival is one of the world’s best. The grade is based on the experience and opinions of the folklore groups which rate the visited festival on the basis of an extensive questionnaire. It assess different things: the quality of the festival, stage and sound system, accommodation, meals and the cooperation and work of the organizers. Lent Festival completed this year’s Folkart with a “perfect” grade of 5/5/5. "It’s an very important safeguard of COIFF which enables a continuous improvement of quality and hospitality of folklore festivals. Lent has always been receiving very good grades, but we never thought that all of the visiting groups would give us the maximal number of points and lead to such a prestigious evaluation of our work,” the producer of Folkart, Alenka Klemenčič, commented on the joyous event. She said that in the 25 years they have been successfully promoting the festival as one of the best and most interesting events of its kind and this is why the performers from all over the world always love to return to the city at the Drava river. She emphasized the importance and contribution of the guides who take care of the individual Folkart groups: “Our guides are members of the academic folklore group Študent and know the needs and wishes of folklorists. Their work is definitely a key factor that contributed to such a good evaluation of the festival.”]]> News Wed, 03 Jul 2013 11:38:00 +0200 From fiery spectacles to clownish pranks From today on the street theatre carnival lasting for five days will take over all major squares... Flam&Co trying to tame a wild, fiery bull and two more “devils” causing chaos around town. This will be Murmuyo and Metrayeta, unrepeatable, funny and sometimes daring yet cheeky masters of disturbing public order. In Chile, where they were born, they are called “the urban disasters” and the title of their performance Su-Seso Taladro means “an exercise for your brain and open mind”. The unique British performance Until now is offering an acrobatic adventure. The director Léandre Ribere is sensitively leading it through the poetic universe of happy turns and harmonic balances and mimbre are creating unforgettable images and telling stories with their unique vocabulary of physical theatre, dance and acrobatic skills.   A new character on the Slovene street theatre scene will have his premiere in Maribor - Nik Štrik Škrlec. Until now he has been performing in Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Poland. If he had a head, he would bang it against the wall, but now he is left with balls which he throws in the air and a rope to fall backwards. He is the rope walker never to be, which calls for Happiness on a leash and explodes with joy. Also, don’t miss the international street performance Mother Courage on July 2nd on the Trg svobode square – with 40 actors from 11 countries and audience participation. You can find more information here. ]]> News Sun, 30 Jun 2013 14:41:00 +0200 Blazing calling Last opportunity to jump into the Drava river! Rebeka’s record – her friends made her fly 8 meters high! Do you dare? You only need some courage - we will provide the equipment and helmet. Welcome!   ]]> News Sun, 30 Jun 2013 12:17:00 +0200 Irish-Balkan party on the Večer stage On Friday night Happy Ol'McWeasel took care of a musical climax L’Kok created an fitting overture to the long night. They gladly returned to Lent after their last year’s concert on the Mladina stage. "It seems we proved our potential last year. When we received the invitation we didn’t hesitate because we grew very fond of Maribor during our first visit,” the four members told us after the concert, clearly thrilled with the audience feedback. “We are lucky to be performing before the local band which is, apparently, very popular because many rock souls gathered in front of the stage. We hope we could offer them an unforgettable concert.” Later on, the cult band Happy Ol' McWeasel from Maribor was heating up the atmosphere. With their reinterpretations of traditional Irish-Celtic melodies and instruments together with a lot of punk rock they prepared an unforgettable party which made all generations get up and move. The girls in the front rows very screaming, while the boys on stage were wildly shouting, singing and making music that goes well with a glass of whiskey. ]]> News Sat, 29 Jun 2013 16:56:00 +0200 A daily dose of humour Every night at 10 pm the Stand-up stage is hosting some of the best comedians from London and... Last night we were laughing to excellent Serbian humour, known for its strong political satire, “hard” linguistic arsenal and unique self-irony. Give Me Money Production was hosted by Srđan Jovanović, his guests on stage were Marijana Aranđelović and Ivan Tomić. »Serbia just concluded the beginning of the discussions about a possible date for the country to join the EU. I fear that it will probably fall apart before this ever happens. It’s like coming to a club at 3 am where everyone is just waiting to go home and you’re outside arguing with the security guard to let you in …” But the best is yet to come! Tonight in the Vetrinjski dvor mansion you can witness the popular Stand up Cannabis and tomorrow the stand-up comedians will try to confess their sins to the audience in the talk show Man, I died! One of the most interesting performances will be Public speaking/stand up (July 2nd) during which psychologist Aleksander Zadel will present the funny side of his profession. Globally seen, this year’s coolest guy is Jarred Christmas (July 1st) who is living and working in New Zealand and who won the Chortle Comedy Award for the best British compere. Don’t miss this year’s edition of Stand up night (July 5th) when the jury and audience will crown the best comedian out of 8 contestants each presenting a 10-minute performance. ]]> News Sat, 29 Jun 2013 15:19:00 +0200 Dancy energy taking over the festival African rhythms overwhelming the festival visitors and Osibisa spreading them all over the other... "Something’s about to happen in Maribor today,” Teddy Osei announced to the crowd at the Central stage after some calmer introductory rhythms. Osibisa soon changed the tone and a dancy melody took over everyone and everything. Feet started to stump, hips were restless and shoulders were swinging to the rhythms of bongos, while hands were imitating their sound. “We will take you to the very heart of Africa,” said Teddy, one of the founding members of the band, while the others kept the wild melodies alive. The energetic frontman still masters several instruments despite his enviable age and his voice is a special trademark of Osibisa’s unique music. Osibisa more than justified the origin of its name – “rhythms exploding with happiness”. Their repertoire included all songs and hits we known before, but maybe didn’t know whom to attribute them to. It didn’t take long until the floating stage got its first dancers and as the evening progressed there were more and more. Teddy Osei fulfilled his prediction and turned the cold evening into a fresh breeze. Unknowingly they extended their relaxed, swingy performance late into the night.   But the rhythms of the old continent were not only heard on the Central stage at the Drava river. After the concert the band members visited the other festival venues where they impressed with their casualness and diverseness. Of course they couldn’t just go past the Old radio venue where there are loud jam sessions every night – actually, some of the members were jamming there the night before. “The love I feel right now, right here …” Gregg Kofi Brown was not able to finish the sentence when the crowd did not allow him to leave the jam stage. ]]> News Sat, 29 Jun 2013 13:21:00 +0200